How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar

Do you want to know how to pick up girls at a bar and make themĀ  all swoon into your arms? Do you want to have the latest, greatest techniques and tricks when it comes to dating and seducing women that you meet at night spots? Want to know how to pick up girls easily at a club? If you do, then read on to discover what it takes to be good at the art of the pickup and get results fast…

How To Pick Up Girls At A Bar – Techniques, Tricks And Strategies That You Must Know

  1. Remember the cardinal rule of the bar pickup – NEVER HESITATE. Women you find at night spots could sniff out insecurity and anxiety pretty quickly. Act confident – but if you are unsure, fake it until you make it. Approach anxiety is a real problem which often is the stumbling block for most budding pickup artists. Some people find listening to brainwave entrainment audios to be pretty effective when it comes to reducing anxiety levels. To find the best brainwave entrainment products which will help you, do a quick Google search for Aaron Allman’s Inner Game Activator program.
  2. Use Fractionation. Many guys tell me that they find it hard to run a hypnosis-based routine such as fractionation at the club, but that’s hogwash. It only takes practice to make it work. Also, if you have not heard about it, there is also “silent” fractionation which relies on you using body language and “spatial tactics” to fractionate a girl. This blog post would be too short to do the topic justice, but it is possible to apply the fractionation technique on a woman you meet in a bar – even though she might not be able to hear you well.

So, in order to know how to pick up girls at a bar, first learn the fractionation technique (again, Google it) and then hit the night spots. You will realize that it’s a skill that you can use to seduce any woman you meet everywhere – at a bar or anywhere else. A good resource for this (and for dating knowledge in general) is the SeductionFAQ blog which can be found at

Awesome Pickup And Seduction Techniques You Must Know

Learning how to attract women the right way can be hard – especially when there are 1,001 resources out there today online when it comes to dating and seduction knowledge. The scope of the seduction knowledge base has now grown so much that a beginner in the seduction game could easily get confused with the information (which sometimes can be contradictory). In this respect, it is advisable to stop reading, and start practicing whatever that you have started learning in the field. You will learn much more DOING than READING – and as with any skill worth acquiring, practice makes perfect. Also, work on the other aspects of your life (for example, career advancement, acquiring real estate, working out, etc), and you will find spillover effects that will also benefit your love life and relationships. Go get em!