How To Pick Up Girls Using Hypnosis

Using hypnosis to pick girls up is definitely not common, but it’s definitely effective. Read on to discover how to pick up girls using hypnosis and achieve spectacular results fast…

Hypnosis has become more and more popular as years have gone by. What was once seen as a mere parlor trick is actually becoming more credible nowadays – even in scientific circles.

More and more people are using hypnosis to modify people’s behavior or unlock certain repressed memories. However, if you would like to learn how to hypnotize a woman for whichever reason, then there are several things you need to know first.

How To Pick Up Girls Using Hypnosis – What You Need To Know

Before you learn how to hypnotize a woman, you should know that there are actually two types of hypnosis out there: (1) clinical hypnosis and (2) conversational hypnosis. In a nutshell, clinical hypnosis refers to the kind of hypnosis that is used to solve real mental problems and is normally done by a psychiatrist.

Picture of how to pick up girls using hypnosisConversational hypnosis, on the other hand, can be done by practically anybody – including you. If you want to learn how to hypnotize a woman, then this is the kind of hypnosis that you will need to look into. Not only will you be able to exert your influence over women with it, but you will also be able to get women do anything that you want them to – believe it.

(This is also how master seducers use a technique called Fractionation to compel a woman to fall in love quickly – more on this later in the article).

The most vital thing that you need to understand while hypnotizing a woman is that it wouldn’t be possible to seduce her if she doesn’t want to be. This is why you have to be extremely selective when picking out which woman to target. In other words, make sure you study all of your options first while planning your hypnotic prowess of seduction and look for a woman who seems to be up for it.

Once you do, here are the basic steps that you need to follow on how to hypnotize a woman:

  • Step Number One: Maintain solid eye contact.

Just because anybody can learn how to hypnotize a woman doesn’t mean that you will automatically succeed in your endeavors.

Hypnosis and timidness, for example, do not go well together. So, if you want your woman of choice to become susceptible to your influences, then you have to ensure that she stays focused on you first. Ideally, you should do this my maintaining solid eye contact. This will make her feel like she has to hang on to your every word. Plus, it will make you look more powerful and confident at the same time, thus making it easier for you to hypnotize her.

Remember: your eyes would be the most vital tools in your power while trying to hypnotize a woman, so make and keep that eye contact going. Also, make sure you check whether the woman that you are looking at is actually showing any signs of openness, weaknesses and receptiveness. This will tell you whether she is ready to be hypnotized by you or not.

  • Step Number Two: Learn how to “manipulate” women.

Women happen to love men who are confident and who take control. This is because most women are aware that they could probably take control of any man that they wanted to if they wanted to. So, if you show her that you cannot be controlled, she is sure to become intrigued by you and, in turn, become attracted to you in no time. This will then create the perfect atmosphere for you to hypnotize a woman with ease.

Another thing you can do in this step is play hard to get. At the very least, you should try to only look mildly interested in her, but you should ideally also show interest in other women. Just turn your body towards other women and look at someone else while you are talking to her. This will make you look much more attractive in her eyes.

With the right hypnosis techniques, you can pick up a quality girl in no time at all

  • Step Number Three: Listen.

It is actually true that women love to be listened to. However, what listening means when learning how to hypnotize a woman is to simply say all of the right things and persuade her to do anything that you want.

Before you can succeed with this step, though, you need to learn as much as possible about the woman that you are trying to win over. So, make sure you listen to all of the stories that she tells you because it could come in handy someday. The listening skill is an essential ingredient in how to meet girls and make them emotionally hooked on you quickly.

  • Step Number Four: Showcase confidence.

As basic as this might sound, confidence is actually another guaranteed way to hypnotize a woman and make her feel for you. However, you need to remind yourself that women love confident men, not arrogant or cocky men.

So, while it might be okay to look sure of yourself, you shouldn’t appear to be a braggart in any way. Just present a good attitude and be at ease whenever you talk to a woman that you like and you are sure to go up a notch above the rest in no time.

  • Step Number Five: Put all the right things into play.

Once you have successfully created a good atmosphere by following the aforementioned steps, you can start using the right power words, intonation, body languages and phrases that Picture of a girl pickup using hypnosiswill make you seem confident, mysterious, authoritative and attractive in women’s eyes.

A powerful technique known as Fractionation is a simple method which utilizes hypnosis to make a woman fall in love in as little as 15 minutes (or even less). A video on the method is found at here at this link. (Opens up in new window)

DISCLAIMER: Nobody knows what the long term effect this technique has on women, and so if you choose to use to use this on women you do so at your own risk. Be responsible!

Naturally, things might be different from one woman to the next when it comes to this step since they will have different personalities. However, the principle is still basic and will stay the same all throughout: while learning how to hypnotize a woman, you have to plant certain desires and ideas into her mind. And this is what Fractionation excels at.

Finally, if you want to learn how to hypnotize a woman solely to get her into bed, then you should know right now that it might take a while for you to succeed with this – even if it is completely possible to get the job done in the end. It really just depends on how you took control of conversational hypnosis altogether.

Either way, though, you are sure to get women who might never have been interested in you before to take notice of you if you use conversational hypnosis right. Go for it!