How To Pick Up Girls

If you want to know how to pick up girls, then you are at the right place. You must have heard of Casanova. Basically, Casanova was a master of seduction and he had the power to win over practically any girl that he wanted to. Now, while the majority of guys out there would kill to have that power, a lot of them don’t pursue that dream because they think they aren’t rich or good-looking enough.

However, regardless of what other guys might say, a great body or a load of cash will actually not win a girl over instantly. Believe it or not, what you have to do instead is simply learn Picture of a girl you want to pick uphow to hack into her mind and find out what goes on inside her head in order to get her to long for you.

(A fairly advanced technique called Fractionation is reputed to be able to shortcut the pick up process for any guy – more on that later).

Having said that, though, you really shouldn’t waste too much time worrying about how to learn how to hack into her mind, though. Just read the following techniques and you will be able to learn how to hack into a woman’s mind with ease without having to worry a single bit – believe it.

How To Pick Up Girls – Five Techniques Of The Master Pickup Artist

  • Technique Number One: Build up the mystery.

This technique involves showcasing different card sets but keeping your Aces hidden every time. In other words, you shouldn’t place your cards on the table for her to see nor should you tell her what you can offer her straight off the bat. Remember: girls love guys who are continually mystifying. So, make sure you keep your feelings safe and hide nothing but your best side first. This will ensure that she stays by your side long enough to find out more about you.

  • Technique Number Two: Promise her excitement.

To keep a girl on her toes and make sure she sees every moment with you as an exciting one, interact with her in a very lighthearted manner. As long as you don’t totally bore her, she will probably stick around and try to find out why she is having so much fun around you. By being a tease and being completely unpredictable most of the time, you can actually become irresistible to girls pretty fast. Try it!

  • Technique Number Three: Stop being so afraid.

Once you reach a decent state of mind in the dating game, you need to learn that you will never learn how to meet girls if you don’t stop being afraid of girls to begin with. Almost every girl is used to dominating the male brain – remember that – and, because of this, every girl will also expect to be adored and given attention to by most guys out there. Therefore, it only makes sense that the guy who doesn’t worship her feet on command will be the only one that she becomes intrigue by. Not only will you look like someone who is hard to impress, but it will also make the girl of your dreams run after you for a change.

  • Technique Number Four: Master your sexual state.

This is probably the most vital aspect when it comes to learning how to pick up girls. In fact, if you fail at mastering your sexual state in any way, then you shouldn’t even expect to succeed with a girl – period. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will always strike out with a girl. However, although you might get lucky and get a girl into bed once in a while, you probably won’t get as lucky as the guys who do end up mastering their sexual states.

To master yours, learn how to slip into your best sexual state before approaching your girl of choice. By mirroring her actions, you can then send her into the exact same state and thus amp up her overall attraction for you in no time. A proven way to do this is to use this “mind hack” technique called Fractionation (Google it, or click here for a video).

Picture of how to pick up girls and make them love you instantly

  • Technique Number Five: Use the power of touch well.

Believe it or not, all girls get turned on by mere touches. So, if you want to attract a girl, you have to make sure you cause a lot of emotional spikes by touching her in all the right places.

One technique that involves touching would be the “Body Rock“. Basically, all you have to do is lean in and touch her arm for a second with the back of your hand. This will show her that you are touchy by nature and that you are confident with that fact. It also shows her that you have strong social proof, which will, in turn, send her signals that will make her think she knows you much more than she actually does. It sounds confusing, but it works!

  • Technique Number Four: Take hold of her emotions.

Once you have completely captivated a girl’s attention, you have to learn how to hack into her mind by using a technique called emotional elicitation. This technique basically sends a Image of different ways to pick up a girlgirl on an emotional roller coaster, thus ensuring that you are all she ever thinks about, even after you are no longer in her presence. Believe it or not, you will be able to anchor all of her emotional highs to you in just 15 minutes with this technique.

Now, of course, this technique is part of the Fractionation Formula suite of tactics – and if you’re going to use Fractionation then it’s a prerequisite to master this technique.

Girls are mainly driven by their emotions, and so if you want to learn how to hack into her mind and make her fall for you, you have to make sure you are emotionally appealing to begin with. Therefore, by making sure she feels happy whenever she is around you, you can stand a foot above the other guys and really win her over. Try it. This technique works every single time.

  • Technique Number Five: Hypnotize her.

Once you see the perfect chance to hack into her mind, you can also put hypnosis to use if you want. This will work especially well if she is already distracted by your humor and wit. Once you have hacked into her mind, you can then adjust some of her emotional triggers and ensure that the thought of you only triggers the positive ones. If done right, you should be able to win her over and make her follow your every command. Read on the following to master the art of hacking into a woman’s mind:-

how to pick up a woman and make her like you

How To Hack Into Her Mind

WARNING: What I am about to show you next may offend you. In fact, I have gotten angry emails (mainly from women) about the material I am going to share with you next. You will know why when you’ve finished reading the below.

A fairly recent development in seduction resulted in the discovery of a set of “loopholes” inside the female mind. When exploited, these loopholes can result in instant attraction in a woman (15 minutes or even less).

This technique can be dangerous especially if it is used by men who have malicious intent towards women. Now if you have BAD intentions towards women, do not use this technique. You have been warned!

On the other hand, if you agree to play by the rules and only use this technique to attract women in an ethical manner, then click here for the “Female Psychology Loophole” video.

 Watch it, use it, have fun but be responsible.