How To Pick Up Girls Using A Forbidden Mind Control Trick

The biggest factor which makes or breaks your seduction success is this – the ability to create deep emotional¬† connection with the woman that you want to pick up. Master seducers know that having the skill of “manufacturing” rapport is much more important than looks and/or money!

Approaching and talking to women remains a key sticking point for many guys, but there is a simple way where anyone can quickly developing meaningful rapport – using “mind control“, no less. Want a simple road-map on how to approach a woman and quickly talk your way into her heart? Then use this little-known “female psychology mindhack” revealed in this video –

how to pick up girls using mind control

How to pick up girls using mind control (video)

Disclaimer: Do not watch this video if you intend to use the technique to manipulate or harm women. I won’t be held responsible for the actions you choose to take from using this trick. Thank you.