How To Pick Up A Girl Online

If you want to know how to pick up a girl online using state-of-the-art female psychology techniques and tactics then you are at the right place. There are many misconceptions on how to use female loophole tricks online – and this short article dispels the myth on how to successfully apply fractionation (and other similar “dark” techniques over the Internet. Read on to discover how you can get awesome results applying the fractionation formula using Facebook or email / IM…Picture of how to pick up girls online

How To Pick Up A Girl Online Using Fractionation

  1. Step one is to build rapport with the woman that you want to seduce online. The same Sonic Seduction techniques on rapport building applies here. Remember that she must trust you implicitly for this technique to work its magic. This is often the “make or break” part of the pick up process so it’s important for you to nail this completely.
  2. Step two is to overwhelm her with positive experiences. Using a set of tested and proven topics you should incite positive feelings inside her by making her describe vividly the experiences which make her feel happy. Anchor these happy feelings with you so that she associates positivity with you.
  3. Step three is to pull back. At the peak of her positive experiences, stop everything. Subtly make her recall “negative” experiences to contrast with the positive feelings that she experienced (with you) previously. This will make her “yearn” to bring back the positive emotions (and therefore, be with you). This can be done effectively online (provided you know the specific steps – read below).

This is only a brief overview on using fractionation online – obviously there are a lot more to consider if you want to successfully make a woman go through an emotional roller coaster over the Internet. For a full treatment on the subject, click here for a short video. If you want to brush up on the basic skills on how to pick up a girl, then go here.