Female Psychology

It is a fact of nature that every guys wants to be noticed and liked by girls. Unfortunately, a lot of guys tend to ruin their chances with girls because they do not understand female psychology in love in the first place and thus do all of the wrong things while trying to win girls over.

A lot of guys, for example, have come to find that being a gentleman or being a nice guy only makes them more vulnerable to female rejection. The truth is: guys who succeed in the world of seduction usually use several hidden yet powerful techniques of psychology that have nothing to do with complimenting girls or treating them like princesses.

Fortunately, female psychology in love, in general, really isn’t that hard to understand. However, a lot of guys seem to have trouble understanding a girl’s psychology in love. Well, the good news is that if you put certain psychological techniques and tactics to use, then you won’t have any trouble deciphering a girl’s psychology in love whatsoever – believe it.female psychology loophole picture

In fact, a girl’s psychology in love can become incredibly predictable because girls tend to listen to their hearts more than their heads. So, once you fully understand a girl’s psychology in love, you won’t have any trouble getting them to fall for you big time. All you have to do is make sure that they know how much you finally understand them. Find out everything you need to know about women psychology here.

Female Psychology in Love – Tricks that Will Make Girls Fall for You in No Time

  • The Importance of Emotions

First and foremost, you need to completely forget some of the dating misconceptions that you must have heard by now. For one, you have to stop thinking that girls won’t like you unless you keep them happy. This isn’t true. As a matter of fact, being too compliant and understanding can be a massive attraction killer in the dating world. Nice guys finish last for a reason – remember that.

As mentioned earlier, girls tend to listen to their hearts more than their heads. So, ideally, you should try to manipulate a girl’s feelings and make her fall for you utterly and completely; but how can you do this? Well, there are various tactics and techniques that can actually give you superpowers in the world of seduction and help you seduce any girl that you want.

One of these techniques would be reverse psychology. See, girls tend to want what they can’t have. This might sound crazy, but it’s true. Think about it. Why do you think girls go nuts over limited edition Louis Vuitton bags? It’s simple: they are hard to get. So, if you would like to appeal to girls, you have to be hard to get, too.

If you think about it, human beings, in general, tend to be uncontrollably attracted to the things that they don’t or can’t have. This means that scarcity is a actually a huge psychological trigger. This is why being a gentleman or a nice guy can ruin your chances altogether. If you are too easy to please and to get, then girls won’t be attracted to you – plain and simple.

One easy way to appear hard to get would be to simply reject or disqualify girls on a regular basis. In other words, make them feel like they can’t have you or like they have to work for your affections. Because of this female psychology loophole, your overall value will skyrocket like never before once you do this. Don’t believe me? Just try it out for yourself!

  • The Power of Confidence

One of the most important things to keep in mind here is that there is one small but vital difference between confidence and arrogance. Basically, you should never appear like an inconsiderate male chauvinist. While a bit of insolence is definitely forgivable, you should remember not to be too cocky. Instead, inject some humor into the mix to show girls that you aren’t as arrogant as you might seem in the beginning.

Naturally, you should also make sure that your confidence isn’t a fake thing. Girls can tell right off the bat if a guy is faking his confidence. So, if you aren’t confident by nature, take things slow at first. This will ensure that you don’t seem like you’re faking it or trying too hard.

  • The Fun of a Challenge

No matter how hot your dream girl is, you have to remember not to be unfazed by her while learning about how to pick up girls using female psychology. On the contrary, you should actually “insult” her every now and then and show her that you are a bit of a challenge to impress.

Remember: girls love adventure and drama. All you have to do is apply these things in the world of dating and seduction. How? It’s easy. Just send her through a roller coaster of emotions and make her feel happy and sad at the same time. Ask her why she thinks she’s special and try to make her qualify herself in front of you, for example, before sending a compliment her way. Once you get her to do the whole qualifying process, then the game is practically in the bag for you. Good job!

Lastly, you can use a technique called fractionation. This technique was originally used in psychology and hypnosis and can basically help you send any girl of your choice through the aforementioned roller coaster of emotions through mere conversation. Plus, it can get the job done in just 15 minutes. How great is that?

Read more about fractionation:- http://seductionfaq.com/blog/fractionation

Do keep in mind that some people see fractionation as a dark technique, though. In fact, a lot of people would consider it to be the deadliest weapon against girls to date.

However, as controversial as it may be, it is actually incredibly effective and a lot of underground masters of seduction put it to use on a daily basis. So, if you don’t mind doing anything it takes to learn about a female psychology, try this particular technique. Just make sure you are ready for the awesome consequences. When you are ready to learn more about this technique, click here.